I still remember my childhood and school days. That time we had to go very far for schooling Because there were very few schools in our area. Many villages were there while the schools Were very less in nos. People were hardly aware about education and was not on priority for them. But now thinking of people has been changed. Education has become priority for all. But I feel sorrow when I see that still many villages are there where good education is lacking. Children still are coming To city for good education . I thanks God as he gave me an opportunity to establish a school.

Creative thinking, self-expression, problem solving, and global understanding are critical to succeeding In school and workplace in the new millennium. It is equally important to foster creativity in educators If we are trying to incubate creative thinking, invention, and innovation in our students. Our method “to make learning interesting “ will help to our students to better understanding of our students. Knowledge, Character and Discipline is the key word for S.D. international school. We always emphasize To develop all these three kay words and value of these these three words to our students.

It gives me immense pleasure to note that I am looking the realization of my dream to provide best Education through high- tech method to the Children. I was always thinking to make learning interesting And easy to memorize. At this step we feel that we are marching in a right direction and We, at this S.D. International School, shall always try to give a research based best teaching practice and this shall prove as a mile stone for the society and country.
The use of technology shall make learning more interesting and interactive.