Co-Curricular Activites      

For an over all development of children, besides games and physical education, which supplements the class work, the following activities are open to stundents.
- Art & Craft - Music - Dance - Aerobics - Pottery - Skating - Quiz Club - Cooky - Yoga - Debate - Gardening - Swimming - Horse Riding

Treks & Tours

The school organizes yearly educational tour both for the staff and the studetns. Such picnics are arranged to enhance their knowledge outside the walls of the class room. Those experiences enriche the child and provides a variety of learning opportunites. Both the staff and the studetns discover their interest in different fields.


Music is the essence of life. Keeping in mind that it would create a world class opportunity for the students, we have provided them with a full-equipped music room for which periods are allotted and subject teacher arranges and handles everything according to the hidden talents of the students.

Photo Gallery

The S.D. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL always organizes National events, Sports Days, Annual Exhibitions, Tours & Treks, Various Housewise Competitions and Annual Function to find the skills and talents of the students, hiddden inside them.